The Group's chief operating officer, Ji Liquan and his party visited Klopp in Germany 2013.10.12

On September 24 (Beijing time), CECEP COSTIN New Materials Group (hereinafter referred to as the "COSTIN")'s chief operating officer and CEO, Ji Liquan, vice President, Wang Hongmei and Tian Yusheng visited the headquater of Klopp in Wuppertal, Germany and they were welcomed and accompanied by Klopp's general manager, Mr. Marcus Sohngen, production director, Mr. Thomas Zakrzowski and purchasing manager Mr. Helmut Schneeweib.

During the inspection, Ji Liquan and his party visited Klopp's coating production line, highly automated cutting and packing line, logistics and warehousing automation equipment, professional laboratory research and development team and the world's most advanced production line which is being installed, etc. and understood in detail the Klopp's company history, the concept of marketing, and product and technology evolution process, etc. Through the on-site visit,they not only understood the level of the Klopp's technical and scientific research, but also learned the Company's advanced way of operation and management.

Subsequently, Ji Liquan and his party attended the communication meeting. In the meeting, Klopp's general manager, Mr. Marcus Sohngen extended a warm welcome to Ji Liquan and his party and spoke highly of the high-quality products and services provided by their company. He said, through strict assessment,nowadays, Costin has become Klopp's A-class supplier. And Ji Liquan expressed his opinion that Klopp is the world's leading enterprise in the wiring harness industry, through the visit, they obtained much, not only deepening the understanding between the two sides, but also laying a good foundation for the further cooperation in the future, but in order to become the world first-class enterprises' long-term cooperation partner, COSTIN still needs to constantly improve the production research and development level, enhance the company's management level, staff quality and process control. He hopes the two sides can continue to deepen cooperation and integrate the advantage resources in the future, make common progress and common development and strive to create a good prospect.

Klopp was founded in 1928 and it has more than 3000 employees in Germany and all over the world. Klopp's scope of business is the development, manufacturing and selling of electronic control fuel injection system, electronic control anti-lock braking system and other automotive electronic equipment system and providing related information, service and other services. Klopp owns many production bases and 23 representatives and service centers in Germany, Poland,Mexico and other countries and its level of wiring harness technology is in a leading position in the world.

Photo of the discussion and communication meeting

Photo of two sides’ leaders