CECEP COSTIN New Materials Group won the title of "advanced enterprise of national quality integrity initiative" 2013.10.19

Recently, the main products (COSTIN non-woven materials, filtration materials and chemical fiber) under CECEP COSTIN New Materials Group participated in the national theme activity of enterprise quality integrity initiative of "quality month" in 2013, jointly held by 26 related departments and industry associations such as the general administration of quality supervision, the Central propaganda Department, the ministry of education, Industry and Information Technology. The products received the title of 2013 "National quality integrity initiative advanced enterprise" awarded by China quality association.

According to information, China quality inspection association, as a quality professional organization under the supervision of General Administration of Quality Supervision, has successfully organized the thematic activity of "enterprise quality integrity initiative" uniformly deployed in the national "quality month" for consecutive years since 2004. "Enterprise quality integrity initiative" activities has become one of the activities which has attracted wide attention and had important influence among the national "quality month" activities, because of its characteristics such as clear theme, rich in content, effective result, wide organizing and launched area, high degree of enterprise engagement and wide media report, etc.

CECEP COSTIN New Materials Group won the title of "advanced and typical enterprise in the national quality integrity initiative" added another honor among the debt-laden glory.

Debt-laden glory is an affirmation for COSTIN by all walks of life in the society, and also an encouragement for COSTIN to continue to provide users with more healthy, more environmental protection, more efficient and more value-added products. The Company will improve little by little, march toward the perfect quality and pursue more excellent quality with technological innovation, to continuously improve people's quality of life.