CECEP's secretary of discipline and his party came to our Company for visit and guidance 2013.11.13

On November 6 (Beijing time), CECEP's secretary of discipline, Wang Dajing and other three came to CECEP COSTIN New Materials Group (hereinafter referred to as the "COSTIN") for visit and guidance and they were welcomed and accompanied by the Goup's chief executive officer, Nian Weicheng and chief operating officer, Ji Liquan.

Visiting the COSTIN experience pavilion

Secretary Wang and his party visited COSTIN experience pavilion, New Materials Division, Stitch Knitting, Afterfinish, Chemical Fiber and other production workshops with Ji Liquan. In the visit, Secretary Wang and his party showed a keen interest and they continually communicated with staff. They appreciated the role of COSTIN products in the field of environmental protection, they were full of confidence in the market prospect of industrial dust removal filter material, so they encouraged COSTIN to further increase the intensity of science and technology research and development and expand the market demand, so as to provide powerful guarantee for the project promotion.

Site of the discussion and communication meeting

And then Secretary Wang had a cordial conversation with President Nian Weicheng and chief operating officer, Ji Liquan in the VIP room of the science and technology building. In the conversation, Nian Weicheng gave a simple report of COSTIN's state of operation from the Group's management system construction, industry layout to the corporate social responsibility, and he also pointed out COSTIN would release a report of social responsibility to the society every 2 years to adhere to the benchmark of demonstration enterprise of low carbon and environmental protection.

Finally, Secretary Wang put forward his views and suggestion on the main developing direction of COSTIN and the country's strategic integrating point. He said COSTIN should focus on developing the fields of bag-type strainer material and thermal insulation material of heat preservation and heat insulation to be bigger and stronger and striving for the leading enterprise, at the same time, COSTIN should keep constructing the waste recycling system, following closely the national policy, to translate policy into effect. To develop the enterprise to be stronger must be to focus on one field and do well in this field and to persist in the brand marketing to translate the brand value into practice, so that the enterprise will double improve.