Research and Development

CECEP COSTIN's R&D capability is one of its strengths. The Group has remained persistent in its efforts to accelerate research and innovation over the years through the efforts of our R&D team and through cooperation with other authoritative organizations to invest in and produce high quality technologically advanced products which have been accredited by several awards and certifications. These accomplishments combined with our continued persistence moving forward reflect our leading R&D capability in the industry.

  • Powerful R&D Team: CECEP COSTIN's R&D Center is led by a team of experts, with the establishment of Experts committee, New products R&D and marketing technology service committee. The area covers different fields such as non-woven materials technology, polymer materials, textile materials, printing and dyeing, management, etc. which forms a multi-disciplinary R&D chain. The R&D Center has cooperation agreements with several professional institutions such as Tianjin Polytechnic University, Wuhan Textile University, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University and Donghua University.

  • Patented Inventions : CECEP COSTIN has completed numerous R&D projects and has successfully invented over 20 types of new products. As of 31 June 2012, the Group had 15 patents and was in the application process for the registration of 43 more patents, 35 of which were developed by the Group independently and 8 of the patents jointly developed with the Tianjin Polytechnic University.

  • R&D capabilities has been approved by the Chinese government: The Group was named a national pioneering plant for the development of environmentally friendly filtering materials in 2008. The Group has also been authorized by the China National Textile and Apparel Council to establish the industry standards for 3 types of non-woven materials, which were implemented in 2012.

  • Various detection methods and procedures: Product quality is one of the important concepts at CECEP COSTIN. The Group put significant emphasis on technological innovation and establishing efficient quality control systems to ensure our products and brand reputations are of the highest quality. Our Group's Technological Center Quality Inspection Department has advanced technological facilities and equipment at their disposal such as a constant temperature and humidity laboratory, a comprehensive testing laboratory and special filter material analysis detection room, a filter material dynamical measuring instrument, an aperture analyzer, a simultaneous thermal analyzer, etc. which provide strong support to the R&D competence of the Group. The Group currently possesses the ISO9001: 2008 quality assurance certificate, ISO14001:2004 environment management certificate, Swiss Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification and the SATRA certificate from one of the most authoritative institutions in the footwear industry of the world. It is also the first non-woven materials production enterprise in the PRC to obtain the American Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) Recycled Content Certification. Moreover, the Group was the first non-woven materials enterprise receiving the INTERTEK carbon footprint certificate during the year and obtained the Green Leaf label.

  • Establishment of technical solutions office: CECEP COSTIN establishes the technical solutions office with an aim to provide timely, effective internal solutions to enterprises during production process. Externally, the office can provide effective technical solutions to clients on product usage, such as engineering design, product life cycle, estimates of the working conditions, the formulation of technical indicators and end-product design, etc. It can provide recycling solutions for filtering materials, so as to reduce the secondary emission.