Filtration Division

CECEP COSTIN has increasingly invested in the eco-friendly segment since 2010. We imported first class filtration production facilities from Germany and high end research and development equipment from Germany and the U.S., which lay a solid hardware foundation to build the company into the leading supplier in China and globally. Our filtration products have been well received by the market since production began at the end of 2011.

Knowledge wise, in addition to active cooperation with research institutes and colleagues, we have also built professional and capable sales forces and service teams through our corporation platform and proactively expanded our presence in the market to widely provide filtration solutions to power stations, cement manufacturers, steel companies, chemical companies, waste incineration companies, and eco-friendly equipment suppliers. Currently, we have more than 30 professional sales personnel in the filtration segment, and have set up branches or representative offices in numerous cities including Beijing, Yingkou, Shanghai, Wuhan, Zhuji, Longyan, Lanzhou and Guangzhou etc. We have also begun reaching out to global clients having built a nation-wide domestic sales network. We have always believed that through our persistent efforts, that we will be able to make a contribution to the environmental protection of China.

Construction and Decoration Materials Division

Furthered by the implementation of a series of construction, energy saving, and environmental protection policies, the importance of so called "soft-materials" is becoming increasingly prominent. The unique structure, prime features, and cost-efficiency of non-woven materials including geo-textiles, waterproofing felt and decoration materials makes them ideal replacements for traditional construction materials.

Our civil engineering materials can be used in providing solutions for drainage, reinforcement, insulation, revetment, filtration proofing, and reverse osmosis. They are also widely used in bridges, railways, express ways, high ways, flood control dams, airports, ports, etc. Our waterproofing felt after treatment provides the best option for waterproofing roofs.

Our decorative materials, which are flame retardant and sound-absorbing, also provide a wider scope of customization in terms of thickness and functions. We believe our safe and environmental-friendly decorative materials have vast market potentials.

Footwear Materials and Home-textiles Division

Fujian Xinhua Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of CECEP COSTIN New Materials Group Ltd. Established in 1999 in the well-known footwear manufacturing base of Jinjiang, is one of the most valuable and competitive brand names in the non-woven materials industry for footwear products, after over ten years rapid growth.

The Group currently has 9 needle-punching production lines, 17 stitch-bonded production lines and 7 post-processing production lines, which satisfy production needs for all product series of non-woven materials for footwear. Additionally, most of the lines can also be used for manufacturing non-woven fabrics for home-textiles.

Our products can be widely use for soles, interiors, uppers, and interior vamps for shoes, which applies in sportswear, safety shoes, walking shoes and leather shoes. In terms of home textiles, our non-woven materials can be used almost everywhere in our daily life, including shade curtains, covers for fireproof mattresses, table covers, furniture covers, etc.

Chemical Fibers and Fine Chemicals Division

CECEP COSTIN, built on the recycled materials industry with focus on differentiated non-woven fabrics, provides tailored solutions to our clients, including special raw materials and accessories. We built our production line for non-woven chemical fabrics in 2005 for the production of recycled fabrics – "COSTIN or克丝特". In 2010, we completed our differentiated adhesive production line and started the production for our "海博姆" adhesive.

Our special raw materials and accessories business have grown rapidly on the back of our industrial value chain platform. Our non-woven special chemical fabric for the base cloth of synthetic leather is recognized as the best one in the industry, and widely used by manufacturers of synthetic leather in Jiangxu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong and other provinces. We are also actively expanding our presence in the cotton and wool textile industries. Our polyester staple for cotton textile and synthetic leather and antibiotic polyester, among other products, are well received in the market.

Our "海博姆" adhesive series chemical products are also widely used as interior materials for base cloth, home textile, and shoes, which influence the development of other applications while increasing the quality of our non-woven fabrics. We have adhesives for textile, printing, non-woven, base for exterior and interior paint, etc.

International Promotion Division

After laying a solid foundation in the domestic market, we are now promoting and enhancing our presence in the global market. With our quality products and professional services, we are building "COSTIN168" and "COSTIN" as one of the most valuable brand names in the industry.

Through our encouragement of the consumption of recycled products in developed nations and our simultaneous efforts to develop a quality product, our RECYCLED-PET series was granted SCS certifications in the U.S. market. We have already established a steady client base in North America, India, Africa, Russia, Korea, and European countries through years of hard work.